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Diverse in Culture; Unified in Mission
WAAST Vision & Mission

Mission & Vision Statement

WAAST Mission
Our promise is to nurture confident societal members, lifelong learners, and critically thinking leaders.
WAAST Vision
Woodburn Academy of Art, Science, and Technology is a culturally inclusive, multi-literate school, fostering a supportive and collaborative learning community, ensuring equitable and challenging opportunities for all students.


Preschool Promise-Click here

Preschool Promise offers free, high-quality preschool for 3 and 4 year olds. Openings with Woodburn school district and Gervais school district.

Poem by our LA teacher Ms. Avila "Forced Survival Stitch" (click here)

I remember my grandmother teaching me How to sew. It never made sense. I never had the hands. But I always had the hands For teaching. I was taught how To thread the perfect lesson Together. Crafting the hook Circling and looping down to the closure. But no one taught Me what a lesson Would look like When you are thrown into the deep end Of distance and learning. “Distance” and “Learning” Being forced into the same sentence Together. I was taught the laws and procedures of protecting Students. I know my responsibilities are large. But no one taught me How to stitch back together A student’s heart After they watch their father die Or hear their father brutalize them Again Sometimes with words Others with hands. No one taught me What to do when My teacher heart Gets ripped open and is the most vulnerable It’s ever been. How can I feel pride and joy That a student has found the courage to put their story on paper AND share it, with me? All while feeling pain, sorrow, ache, and scared At what they have faced. How do I stitch with distance and learning Together In the same sentence? Can someone please teach me These stitching techniques?

Bell Schedule

Click on "bell schedule" to view our schedule for Comprehensive Distance Learning
Meals on wheels

Meals delivered to your bus stop

Woodburn School District will be distributing school lunches across the district on Tuesdays and Fridays each week that school is in session at bus stops across the district. Please click on "Meals delivered to your bus stop" to show bus stops and times for meal delivery

Principal’s Message

Dear WAAST families, 
My name is Ricardo Marquez and I am honored to be in my third year as your WAAST school principal.  It is my hope that as you read this message that your family is well and taking care of one another during this difficult time.  I am encouraged by the level of commitment that our students/families have shown up to this point with Comprehensive Distance Learning (CDL).   I want to acknowledge that our staff will continue to provide an excellent education through remote learning.  We are learning together during these difficult times and it is important for you to know that we are still required to deliver standard-based education that will support students academic skills and  social emotional development. 
We are launching a new look for our school website and our hope is to regulaly update our pages with school information that can keep you informed about CDL. I personally want to invite all new families to Woodburn High School, you are now officially a Woodburn Bulldog.   I also look forward to continue to work with returning families and I patiently wait for the day when we all return to the Woodburn Campus.   I miss seeing you all and wish you all the best. If you want to communicate with me I can be reached via email at rmarquez@woodburnsd.org.   Please be safe and take care.
Ricardo Marquez 
WAAST School Principal